Department of child health and paediatric

  • Department of child health and paediatric

    We provide medical services towards the care and treatment of children from birth to puberty. This encompasses both outpatient and inpatient healthcare that includes the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of children from birth to puberty. We help you nurture your child so that they have the best chance at life.

    This service includes the following units:

    1. Neonatal Service

    We have 34 beds Newborn Unit with a 10 bed Kangaroo mother care (KMC) unit housed within the ground floor of the inpatient building. This service caters for babies admitted with various medical conditions from birth to the age of 28 days

    1. Paediatric inpatient service

    We have a 35 Bed children’s ward on the ground floor of the inpatient wing. The ward is divided into an acute care and chronic care unit managing various medical conditions in children aged 1 month to 12 years of age.

    1. Paediatric outpatient service/department

    This is located on the first floor of the main building at the entrance to the hospital. Our POPD serves all children with emergencies, acute illnesses, GBV related conditions and paediatric surgical conditions. It is divided into a triage area with a waiting bay, an emergency room, consultation rooms for acute care services, dressing room, and an ORT centre for management of diarrhoeal diseases.

    1. Child Welfare Clinic (CWC)

    Our CWC serves all families with children under 5 years to ensure the child grows and develops well and stays healthy. At this clinic we undertake growth and development monitoring, immunization services, vitamin A supplementation, deworming, treatment of minor ailments, referral of complicated illnesses, health talks and counselling of parents and guardians on health issues.